The Ministry of Information of the Republic of Belarus is a national administrative body that is engaged in developing and implementing the state policy in the area of mass information, publishing and printing, distribution of print publications and media products.

The Ministry of Information is subordinate to the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus.

In line with its mandate, the Ministry carries out the following tasks:
1. officially registers/reregisters mass media;
2. authorizes distribution of foreign mass media;
3. adds new names to the National Registry of Print Media Distributors and to the National Registry of TV and Radio Broadcasting Media Distributors;
4. issues broadcasting licenses;
5. issues printing licenses;
6. adds new names to the National Registry of Publishers, Producers and Distributors of Print Publications;
7. authorizes acquisition of printing equipment.

 One of the Ministry's priorities is developing international cooperation of the Republic of Belarus in the sphere of press and information.

The above-mentioned objective is pursued through activities in the following major areas:
1. developing and improving legal framework;
2. implementing international agreements, plans and joint projects;
3. promoting cooperation in the field of press and information within the framework of integration associations;
4. taking part in events organized by international organizations, as well as in specialized fairs;
5. strengthening interaction with organizations of the Belarusian Diaspora abroad.