National Contest “National Literary Award”

This Contest is held to support the development of fiction literature and writers in the Republic of Belarus, to encourage them to create new highly artistic poetry, prose, drama, journalism, literary criticism and literature studies works, literature for children and youth, to promote books and reading in the society.
The Contest is organized by the Ministry of Information of the Republic of Belarus, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus and the public association "the Union of Writers of Belarus".
An organizing committee consisting of representatives of administrative bodies (with the consent of their supervisors) and other organizations concerned is established to facilitate preparation for the Contest and its holding. The composition of the organizing committee is approved by the Ministry of Information of the Republic of Belarus.
Participation is open to citizens of the Republic of Belarus, foreign citizens and stateless persons, permanently residing in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, as well as teams consisting of no more than four people – authors of fiction works in the genres of poetry, prose, journalism, drama, literary criticism and literary studies, that were first released by Belarusian publishing houses from January 1 to December 31 of the year prior to the year of the Contest, in the form of individual publications on printed or electronic carriers and (or) published in literary and artistic mass media, on information web-sites or made available in the Internet and received public recognition.
The award ceremony for the winners is held in a solemn setting as a part of the Belarusian Written Language Day celebrations.